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How to destroy enemy by black magic


How to destroy enemy by black magic: Do you want to get rid of your enemies? Are you looking for ways to destroy all your enemies in 24 hours? Do you want to know how to destroy the enemy by black magic? Then stay with this article till the end.

Why to use a black magic mantra for enemy destruction

Jealousy of anyone is such a thing due to which a person becomes the enemy of another person. Subjugated by jealousy, sometimes relatives also become enemies. The teeth of such friendly friends are like elephants teeth.  Therefore, to avoid such enemies, one should adopt the black magic mantra for enemy destruction.

How to punish the enemy by black magic

Everyone wants to win over their enemy, but it is not so easy to conquer, sometimes the enemy is stronger than us, sometimes the enemy is more intelligent than us…. So friends now are the time to end this and teach a lesson to your enemy, because I will tell you the remedies to punish your enemy.

  • Mix 38 whole grains of black urad and 40 grains of rice
  • Press them in a pit and squeeze the lemon on top
  • Keep taking the name of the enemy while squeezing the lemon, 
  • He will not take any action against you and will not disturb you anymore

It is highly advised before using the above black magic totka to destroy the enemy get in touch with our astrologer.

How to do black magic on an enemy to destroy him

There is definitely some enemy in every person’s life. Some enemy harasses directly and some indirectly. Everyone wants to get rid of his enemy and thwart the trouble created by the enemy. For this, everyone works very hard but for some reason doesn’t get successful, then in such a situation, you need to use black magic on an enemy to destroy him

Do the following measures for enemy mitigation so that all your work is completed without interruption.

  • In the morning while going for toilet
  • Write the name of your enemy while sitting in the toilet with water
  • And before exiting, stumble the name with the left foot three times
  • Keep in mind, do not use this selfishly, otherwise, you will be responsible for your loss

Before using the above totka once consult our astrologer, otherwise, you will be responsible for any kind of loss. Please note that if you want to know about the black magic mantra in Hindi/Tamil then you can contact our astrologer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) related to black magic to destroy enemy

Is there any Shiva mantra to destroy enemies?

Yes, there is a Shiva mantra to destroy your enemy. To get Shiva mantra you can contact our astrologer.

Which is the powerful mantra to destroy the enemy completely?

Kaal Bhairav mantra is the powerful mantra to destroy the enemy completely. We suggest you don’t use this mantra yourself at home, without getting in touch with an expert of black magic. Because it can be very dangerous for you.

Is there any danger for me to use black magic to kill someone?

If you don’t contact a pro who is aware of the pro and cons of black magic then certainly there is a danger for you. But if you take the help of a black magic expert or hire someone then certainly there is no danger for you.

Is it possible to know about the hidden enemy through black magic?

Yes, it is possible to know about the hidden enemy and only an expert who has a huge experience and has complete knowledge can help you in knowing about your hidden enemy. So, to know who is troubling you, get in touch with our black magic specialist.

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