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Astrology for love marriage


Astrology for love marriage:- Are you looking for the astrological reasons that will help you in the fixation of your love marriage? Do you worry about at all that whether you will get marry to the person you love or not? 

I know all these things makes your life too much complicate all the time. Because life settlement is the most precious thing in life. Moreover, it is also necessary that you should marry the person you love. But you no need to worry at all. Because we are here. Our Love Marriage Specialist In Bangalore will help you in solving all the problems that you are going to be faced in your love marriage life. With the help of astrological prediction.

What is astrology?

Astrology refers to the prediction done by a person. Who is known as the astrologer? He can forecast all your problems and things that are going to happen in the future. On the basis of the positioning of the planets and houses in your horoscope.

How essential is the combination of moon and Venus as per the love marriage astrology?

A combination of moon and Venus is a great combination. Which makes the person very romantic in nature. And if this combination is present then there is the yog of marriage. Therefore, your love marriage is fixed if such kind of situation happens in our horoscope. But still, there are some terms and conditions.

  • This yog should be present without any interruption of malefic influence. Therefore, the possibility of chances of love marriage can be maximized.
  • Any kind of firing should not be there.
  • Planets should not be weak.

If any of the three above mention feature is available in your horoscope. However, any other strong beneficial planet is influencing in the yog. Therefore, in that kind of situation, the love marriage will happen. But after some difficulties. The intensity of the misfortune will depend on the planetary position and combination of both the planets.

What is the placement of the Venus in the houses for the analysis of love marriage prediction?

If Venus is placed in the 5th house and there is any connection of it with the 7th house. Then it is sure that 100% it will bring the signs of love marriage. Venus indicates what your desire is in life. Especially for the love marriage. For example, if it is placed in the 5th house you will be desiring to live a romantic life. Moreover, if the desire of your horoscope does not match with your partner as per his horoscope. Then it may create many complications before and after marriage. Which will sometimes bring the situation of divorce in the ongoing relationship?

What are the timings of love marriage and relationship by astrology:

Timings are very important in our love marriage life. Or as well as in the normal life of the person. Even if you have the Yog for Love Marriage. but still due to the positioning of the few planets and houses you are not able to run a healthy life. Then you must get into concern with the Love Problem Solution Pandit Ji. because he will tell you what kind of remedies you have to perform so that you can run into a healthy and happy married life with a sound relationship.

Love marriage happens in the time period of planets. That usually signifies 5th, 8th, and 11th  houses. These houses signify that you are fall in love with someone. Either you also want to live in a romantic relationship with your lover. And also wants to marry him/her. When planets that tell you in these houses does not completely relate to the 6th house. then there is a very high possibility of love marriage in your kundali.

Some FAQs(frequently ask questions):.

 Question: Is astrology needed for love marriage?

Answer: yes definitely. Astrology plays a very essential role in the love marriage. As whether your kundali has the signs of love marriage or not. Is only know to you by your horoscope. As astrologer can tells you  the actual positions of your planets and houses in your horoscope.

Question: Which marriage is better love or arranged?

Answer: In love marriages, people usually prefer to choose their partners on their own. As they do not want that no one can interfere in their marriage perspective. They just made up their minds that they only marry the person whom they love. While in case of arrange marriages individuals do not choose their partners themselves. Even though they tend to be chosen by their family or parents. There is a continuous debate regarding the best way to choose a partner for marriage. Therefore, it varies from person to person’s perspective that what kind of marriage they want to do.


If you also want your love marriage prediction. On the basis of the positioning of the planets and houses in your horoscope. Which is 100% true. Then contact us immediately. Therefore, you will get marry to the person you love.

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